The Natural Strategy is a business philosophy that combines information with intuition. I provide my clients with current and detailed data on sustainable business practices. I then guide them as they listen to their inner wisdom. My expertise. Your heart.

I offer a variety of customized services to assist your organization’s transition to sustainability. If you are new to “being green”, let me conduct an Eco-Position Survey  and then work with you to develop an environmental mission statement. If you have already introduced sustainability to your organization, I can provide you guidance on where to go next. I offer the following services:

Develop an Environmental Mission Statement
Conduct an Eco-Position Survey
Create Sustainability Objectives
Strategically Align Current Initiatives and Future Goals
Educate Employees
Assess Carbon Footprint
Design Sustainable Marketing Campaigns
Manage Third Party Verification
Write Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Please contact me so I can learn more about your company and help you move ahead in your sustainability journey.

matt.courtland at thenaturalstrategy at

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