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Commuting Solution: Bike or Walk To Work

Today is National Bike/Walk To Work Day. In many states and cities across the US and Canada, the entire week has been dedicated to getting people out of their cars and onto their feet or bicycles. Actions speak louder than words and seeing an increase of bicyclists on the road this morning no doubt made people passing them in their cars think twice. Maybe the motorists won’t start leaving their car at home but they might consider biking on the weekends instead of taking the Sunday drive. 

I have been biking with my family every Saturday and Sunday for the past month, so donning my gear and heading to work this morning was not much of a stretch. And the fact that I was not hauling an additional 100 pounds (Jessa + Will + bike carrier) made the 10 mile ride even easier.  

The idea of trading car keys and gasoline for a helmet and a workout is nothing new. The first Bike To Work Day was organized in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists. They have been around since the late 1800s, when as the story goes, over 100,000 bicycling enthusiasts began championing for paved roads. Evidently the horse and buggies of the time created terrible ruts in the gravel and dirt roads, which “wheelmen”, as bicyclers were called back then, found intolerable. The League claims it was instrumental in convincing the government to pave our nation’s roads. 

On the weekends we enjoy leisurely rides on back roads. Most of them are paved but because I am on a mountain bike, I don’t mind if they are not. This morning I was happy to be biking on pavement as I made my way along Rt. 4 from Durham to Portsmouth, NH.

Today’s ride was not leisurely, although I had fun. It was a statement to myself, my company, my community, and my nation that the changes we make in our individual lives will resonate throughout the world. I believe that corporations are the one who in the end will save our plant from global warming but if each of us does what we can to pursue a sustainable life, we will influence the world in our own way.

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