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Second Life Interview

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by David Miller of Subquark, a Second Life (SL) genius who not only builds incredible worlds in the alternate reality that is SL, but is now on the SL and eLearning conference touring circuit. He recently spoke at the Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA) annual conference, which aired our interview between education sessions. During our brief chat in SL, David and I spoke about how Second Life combines three important aspects of our modern world.

  1. SL allows people to play, create, act, and express themselves with millions of others across the globe. As our world grows smaller every day, cross-cultural exchanges are becoming increasingly important to ensure we “can all just get along.”
  2. It provides any channel through which to reach a younger demographic.  People under 25 grew up on the web and including “alternative” resources, such as training or seminars in SL, is a fantastic way to keep these important people engaged. 
  3. Hosting meetings  “in world” has real world consequences. Reducing the impact that accompanies conferences is another step in reducing our carbon footprint.

I want to thank David for this great opprotunity and invite you to please take some time and listen to the three minute interview. Then visit Second Life and take a moment to sign up. It’s free, green, and certainly only going to become more popular in the future.

  1. April 21, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Thank you Matt, very nice words and you were well received at the TxDLA No Gas Required Conference.

    On a separate note, you can use a unique link for people to download Second Life that will then give you credit for promoting it.

    We do that over at iliveisl and we cover our premium membership fees and even generate about $10 USD a month above our costs.

  2. July 10, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    woohoo, waz writing a post today on some alternative ener(gy) additions to Enercity Park and thought a link to your sl vid would fit

    well when looking at the vid stats on blip.tv . . . it’s been viewed 1,343 times! holy cow! o_O

    here’s the post with a shout out to you and thought you’d like to see that traffic count!

    that’s something to tweet! (hint: here’s the tiny url just in case you chirp http://tinyurl.com/mauu5g)

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